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Our goal is to provide referring specialists and their patients with a better option for outpatient infusion.

Arise Infusion Therapy Services provides treatment for a variety of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions as well as osteoporosis. We specialize in the administration of complex biologic therapies. The Arise team streamlines the process for both our referring providers and our patients. The result is a seamless, safe and convenient treatment experience.


Does Arise infusion accept pediatric patients?2018-09-18T15:02:06-04:00

Yes. Arise accepts patients for infusion ages 10 and above.

How do I refer to Arise Infusion Therapy Services?2018-10-23T03:59:58-04:00

Once you have decided that a patient requires infusion therapy, please complete the corresponding medication checklist (below) making certain to attach all requested documentation and records. Fax it to us at 301-424-3590.

Once we have received the checklist and records, we will investigate payer benefits and obtain pre-authorization. Once authorization is obtained, we will contact the patient to schedule an appointment. We will also reach out to you if we require additional information.

Who handles the prior authorizations for my patients?2018-10-24T19:25:21-04:00

Arise Infusion handles the entire pre-authorization process.

Do you allow the use of co-pay assistance programs?2018-10-23T04:02:15-04:00

Our business specialists are thoroughly familiar with co-pay assistance programs from drug manufacturers and other sources. They will assist patients with applying for these programs and otherwise work with patients to reduce their out-of-pocket costs.

What insurances do you accept?2018-11-02T19:36:44-04:00

Arise Infusion participates with most insurance plans and, for those we don’t, we can often treat patients out-of-network at very little cost to the patient (comparable to being in-network). Patients should always check with our business specialists before making a decision based on our in-network vs. out-of-network status. For a list of insurances and our provider status, please click HERE.

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