We love to share when our centers, staff and physicians are in the news.  Arise Infusion diligently works to provide educational information to the community as well as other healthcare professionals.  In addition to our blog, we would like to share our videos, presentations and articles that provide valuable information relative to your disease or condition.



2017 – Medical Monday’s Series WUSA9

Autoimmune Diseases & Biologics   –  Dr. Ashley Beall

Osteoporosis & Biologic Treatments – Dr. Rachel Kaiser

Psoriatic Arthritis & Biologic Treatments – Dr. Evan Siegel


2017 – ABC7 & Channel 8

Treating Autoimmune Diseases – Dr. Justin Peng



“Arise Infusion Now Infusing Ocrevus” – Dr. Ashley Beall,  PRWeb, JULY 26, 2017

“Arise Offering Ocrevus” – Multiple Sclerosis News Today, July 2017

“Arise Infusion” – Bethesda Magazine, September 2017