Our patients say it better than we ever could. These are some of our patient’s comments.

images-4 The staff at the Infusion Center have been wonderful to me. The staff has treated me with respect and kindness. I could not ask for more.” ~ Mindi L.

“I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago. Tsyabri was my second medication and my first for infusion. Infusion can be a scary experience in the beginning because of unknown side effects. Luckily I have had positive and intelligent infusion nurses that have helped me along the way. Explaining the medication, side effects and other information helped me. I now look forward to the time that I can have my infusion as time for myself. I enjoy the relaxing environment and chairs. The staff truly care about all the patients. They are personable and everyone remembers you and treat you as family. Monisha is the best!”
Steven S. (Patient)

“I am 55 years old and have RA. I started getting my infusions at Arise 3 years ago. The reason I continue to get my infusions here is the convenience of having my physician right next door and the nurses in the infusion center know my disease and the indications inside and out. I feel safe, well cared for and informed. The staff assist in monitoring my disease and keeping the doctor informed. I put my trust in this team!”
Linda D. (Patient)

“I was diagnosed with RA over ten years ago. I have failed injectables and was anxious when my doctor suggested infusion therapy. The team here quickly understood my fear of needles and have done their best to make the experience comfortable for me. The attention and care that you receive from the staff is one of the most valuable aspect of my treatment. They treat you as a person not just a patient.”
Rory R. (Patient)

“I am a 45 year old mother of 4 that was diagnosed with RA and fibromyalgia 5 years ago. For the majority of that time I worked as an executive at a large corporation. Between my career and family my time was extremely limited and I was often very stressed. After my first infusion, I realized what a special group of professionals I now had the pleasure to work with. I have had exceptional bedside manner. They also ensure my medicine is working, checking on how I feel, and keeping in constant contact with my doctor. They help me make sure I get the most out of available insurance programs. The trust I have in the infusion specialists that are my partners in controlling my RA and increasing the quality of my life is one of the most valuable aspect of my care here. The nurses are not just robots that stick a needle in your arm. They are gentle, caring and knowledgeable about my medication and my disease. Most of all, they know me and can help suggest ways to make me feel better.”
Jennifer B. (Patient)

“I have been a patient here for almost 10 years, first learning to inject Humira and after a year switching to Remicade infusion. The nurses have always been extremely professional and efficient. It has been convenient to have my infusion here. What sets Arise apart from others is the efficient use of time for the infusion.”
Jacquelyn S. (Patient)

“I was diagnosed with MS ten years ago. I have tired two other medications before I started on Tysabri. This was the best decision I made, as I have no side effects from this medication. I feel great all month and sometimes have to be reminded to slow down and not wear myself out. Everybody is always upbeat and positive at the center, and they make the experience easy and comfortable. The nurses are friendly and organized that sets them apart from other centers.”
Denise O. (Patient)

“The staff here is FANTASTIC! From day one I have never, ever, felt like just a patient. I have come here for years and feel I have gotten to know bits and pieces of the men and women who help me get the meds I need to keep moving. Everyone here works together very well and I am always welcomed with a smile. I see way too many physicians that I dread, but coming here is a bit of a get away for me. I can sit, relax, nap, read, watch TV or just have a good bit of “girl talk”. Everyone is very professional and I never feel like my care is lacking. I do not feel like I am at a medical center, getting medical care as the center is very open, welcoming and friendly. If you have to get infusion medications, I recommend coming here – the place is great!”
Geri C. (Patient)