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    Arise Infusion Therapy Services

The Preferred Choice for Infusion and Injectable Drug Therapies


Patients with chronic medical conditions that are best managed through advanced infusion and injectable drug therapies appreciate the expert care and comfortable surroundings offered at Arise Infusion Therapy Services. Our six state-of-the-art centers are conveniently located throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to provide patients with a comfortable and safe place for medically supervised administration of the most advanced medications available to treat their conditions.


New Office Location 

Arise Infusion Therapy Services is pleased to announce the opening of their newest office, at 71 Thomas Johnson Drive, Frederick MD.

Arise Infusion Therapy Services looks forward to treating the Fredrick and northern Maryland community with the most advanced medicines available for their rheumatologic conditions. And, as with our other Arise locations, we will also be treating patients referred by community physicians for management of a wide variety of chronic inflammatory conditions such as Crohn’s/Colitis, Asthma, Uveitis and Multiple Sclerosis.   Specialists and primary care physicians have long entrusted us with the care of their patients who require complex biologic medications and other types of recurrent parenteral drug therapies.

Please call our central call center at 240-514-5000 to schedule an appointment.



Safety First Philosophy

Each Arise Infusion location is staffed by specially trained, ACLS-certified registered nurses working under the supervision of board certified physicians. An appointment with the physician is required prior to starting treatment to obtain a complete medical history and to conduct recommended testing to ensure the safety and efficacy of therapy. The medical appointment is also a good opportunity to address any questions or concerns with the physician.

Drugs are infused or injected by our nurses who observe strict protocols focused on patient safety and well-being.  They understand the drugs they are administering for your condition and will meticulously monitor for any adverse event or adverse reaction.



Conditions Treated

Arise infusion’s clinical staff safely treat a wide variety of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and conditions.  Treatment options will be discussed between you, your referring physician and the Arise Infusion physician to select the best solution for your unique needs.  For more information on therapeutic options for your particular condition, click on one of the options below:



Scheduling An Appointment

If your physician has written a prescription for infusion or injectable therapy, select your preferred location, below, and call our central number for scheduling:  240-514-5000.  The operator will schedule your initial visit with an Arise Infusion physician and your treatment at a time and place that is convenient for you.  The initial visit and initial treatment are commonly on the same day to maximize patient convenience. Please complete the registration packet to bring with you on your first visit.